The Perfection for the Better SEO Traffic

To increase the traffic of your website, a good positioning in the search engines is essential. However, SEO is a long-term job and it often takes several months to get in pole position. Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple content is essential to increase the number of visitors to Google is a good way to regularly attract search engine robots on your site and increase your position in the results.

To help you speed up the movement, here are 20 techniques to implement right now to grow your traffic.

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  • If it is difficult to change the content of the pages of your website regularly, a blog can be used to publish new articles frequently.
  • Opting for at least 2 tickets per week can double your traffic very quickly, especially if you put in place also idea.
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Target the right keywords

Regularly publishing content on your blog improves your SEO in a global way.

Still, if your articles and pages are poorly optimized, they will stand out in the search results.

SEO is primarily about targeting the right keywords: it is often easier to focus on specific and less sought-after expressions (the so-called long tail).

We advise you to take a look at our 7 techniques to find long tail keywords

Once your keywords are found, you just have to use them by creating content of very good quality to seduce the search engines.


Facebook is the number one social network: it must be at the heart of your social media strategy.

By building a community on this platform and regularly publishing quality content, you can be confident that your fan base is off the ground – and your site visits at the same time.


Instagram is the social network on which users interact the most with brands : the commitment is very high, making it a very powerful medium to promote your site. Unpack your smartphone or camera, choose your hashtags, and be creative!

Contact influencers

Influence marketing is a very effective lever to let you know and attract massive numbers of users to your site.

The key is to choose influencers to contact in order to implement an effective influence marketing strategy. With Incentive Traffic this happens to be a great support now.

Create webinars

The webinar is another very effective web content when it comes to generating new leads and attracting visitors to your website.

There are many tools to easily create a web seminar and share your expertise with your audience.

Refresh old content

Creating new content is essential, but that does not mean that your old articles must be forgotten.

Refresh your old content by enriching it, updating it with more recent data, etc.

Create infographics

Infographics are among the flagship content of social networks: appreciated by Internet users, they have a high potential for virality (if they deal with a relevant topic with an interesting angle).