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When a chart-topping secular Irish band was targeted by terrorists in 1975, three band-members were murdered, and bass guitarist Stephen Travers left for dead, critically wounded. As British and Irish governments historically united to condemn the massacre of The Miami Showband, Stephen was fighting for survival. His young bride Anne, the love of his life, was his greatest strength then – and still is to this day, as he now fights for reconciliation and peace. Their powerful love story is set against a tragic backdrop, the culmination of a political plot. Yet it is also a shining example of how Love Is… all you need.

The film will recreate the joy of the music scene of the showband era of the mid 1970s; when screaming fans danced on the stage because there was no room on the dance-floor; when massive ballrooms the length and breadth of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales were packed to the rafters – standing room only! Even the mighty USA fell under the spell of The Miami Showband.

A true love story set against a tragic backdrop as emotionally powerful as any that have gone before like Casablanca, Titanic and Ghost.

Based on the award-winning book by Stephen Travers and Neil Fetherstonhaugh that took 30 years to write.
Click to download the Miami Showband Massacre Book Launch Video

The soundtrack album will contain greatest hits from the era plus original songs including the No 1 hit penned by the band Love is.


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