Quotes from Stephen Travers

If a book or a film can convince some young lad to say, “I’d rather pick up a bass guitar than a bomb, or I’d look better in a band suit than a balaclava” we’ll have achieved something.

If this movie can turn one young lad away from a life of violence it will have done its job.

This movie has to be the antidote to the terrorist recruiting sergeants.

This movie has to make peace look cool.

Musicians were the only force for reconciliation and people coming together.

The only army for reconciliation and our weapons were Fender and Gibson guitars and Ludwig drums and we never lost a battle.

Musicians are and always have been the greatest catalyst for social stability and cohesion.

It was the musicians that laid down the foundation for peace and musicians continue to do that right throughout the world.

I don’t want to live in a world where people hate each other and kill each other.


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