If a book or a film can convince some young lad to say, “I’d rather pick up a bass guitar than a bomb, or I’d look better in a band suit than a balaclava” we’ll have achieved something.

If this movie can turn one young lad away from a life of violence it will have done its job.

This movie has to be the antidote to the terrorist recruiting sergeants.

This movie has to make peace look cool.

Musicians were the only force for reconciliation and people coming together.

The only army for reconciliation and our weapons were Fender and Gibson guitars and Ludwig drums and we never lost a battle.

Musicians are and always have been the greatest catalyst for social stability and cohesion.

It was the musicians that laid down the foundation for peace and musicians continue to do that right throughout the world.

I don’t want to live in a world where people hate each other and kill each other.


The Miami Showband documentary was shown on RTE recently. It is compelling. The Irish Times review called it riveting.

It was reported that The Miami documentary achieved an almost unheard of feat. It got one third share of the entire country’s viewers on the night.

Stephens philosophy on peace and reconciliation has been well received everywhere. His work towards that goal for his country, indeed universally, is best summed up in his speech to the Omagh Support and Self Help Group in 2009. He has received messages of support from: Hilary Clintons office, from the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and several from members of the Irish government.

Stephen has just completed an interview for Canadian Broadcasting that is also transmitted in the US.

Press Releases regarding plans for the forthcoming movie.
BBC Northern Ireland
The Irish Times

2008 – Stephen often quotes the line, “There are many celebrities, but very few heroes.” Here we see him paying a visit to a long admired hero, Richard Moore, at his Children In Crossfire Charity in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa. View the page

There can be no future without forgiveness – Desmond Tutu.

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? – Abraham Lincoln

Were talking peace, not politics – Albert Reynolds


When a chart-topping secular Irish band was targeted by terrorists in 1975, three band-members were murdered, and bass guitarist Stephen Travers left for dead, critically wounded. As British and Irish governments historically united to condemn the massacre of The Miami Showband, Stephen was fighting for survival. His young bride Anne, the love of his life, was his greatest strength then – and still is to this day, as he now fights for reconciliation and peace. Their powerful love story is set against a tragic backdrop, the culmination of a political plot. Yet it is also a shining example of how Love Is… all you need.

The film will recreate the joy of the music scene of the showband era of the mid 1970s; when screaming fans danced on the stage because there was no room on the dance-floor; when massive ballrooms the length and breadth of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales were packed to the rafters – standing room only! Even the mighty USA fell under the spell of The Miami Showband.

A true love story set against a tragic backdrop as emotionally powerful as any that have gone before like Casablanca, Titanic and Ghost.

Based on the award-winning book by Stephen Travers and Neil Fetherstonhaugh that took 30 years to write.
Click to download the Miami Showband Massacre Book Launch Video

The soundtrack album will contain greatest hits from the era plus original songs including the No 1 hit penned by the band Love is.


Are you seeking support for your mental health? Look no further than online counselling in Singapore. With the rise of technology, more and more people are turning to this convenient and accessible option. In this article, we will explore the growth and influence of online counselling in Singapore, examining the factors driving its popularity and the impact it has on traditional counselling services. Discover the benefits of online counselling and how it can positively impact your well-being.

The Rise of Online Counselling in Singapore

You should frequently consider the rise of online counselling in Singapore by https://www.touch.org.sg/about-touch/our-services/touch-marriage-support-homepage/counselling. As the world becomes increasingly connected through the internet, there has been a significant shift in the way mental health support is provided. Online counselling offers a convenient and accessible option for individuals seeking professional help. The rise of online counselling in Singapore can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, it overcomes geographical barriers, allowing individuals to access counselling services from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, online counselling provides a sense of anonymity and privacy, which can be particularly appealing for those who are hesitant to seek face-to-face therapy. It also caters to the busy lifestyles of individuals, offering flexibility in scheduling sessions. However, it is important to consider the potential limitations of online counselling, such as the lack of physical presence and potential issues with internet connectivity. Nonetheless, the rise of online counselling in Singapore has undoubtedly provided a valuable alternative for individuals seeking mental health support.

Factors Driving the Growth of Online Counselling in Singapore

The growth of online counselling in Singapore is driven by various factors, such as increased internet connectivity and the demand for convenient and accessible mental health support. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in internet usage in Singapore, with more people gaining access to reliable and high-speed internet connections. This increased connectivity has paved the way for online counselling services to reach a wider audience and provide support to individuals who may not have access to traditional face-to-face therapy. Additionally, the demand for convenient and accessible mental health support has grown, as people seek more flexible options that fit into their busy lifestyles. Online counselling offers the convenience of accessing therapy from the comfort of one’s own home, eliminating the need for travel or scheduling conflicts. This convenience factor has contributed to the increasing popularity of online counselling in Singapore.

The Benefits of Online Counselling in Singapore

Online counselling in Singapore offers you the opportunity to seek support and guidance from trained professionals in a convenient and accessible manner. One of the key benefits of online counselling is its flexibility. You can schedule sessions at a time that works best for you, eliminating the need to travel to a physical location. This can be particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules or mobility limitations. Additionally, online counselling provides a sense of anonymity and privacy. You can engage in therapy from the comfort of your own home, without worrying about being seen by others in a waiting room. This can create a safe and comfortable space for you to openly express your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, online counselling allows you to access a wider range of therapists with different specializations. You can choose a therapist who best suits your needs and preferences, regardless of their location. Overall, online counselling offers a convenient, accessible, and personalized approach to seeking professional support in Singapore.

The Impact of Online Counselling on Traditional Counselling Services in Singapore

With the rise of online counselling, traditional counselling services in Singapore are facing the challenge of adapting to the changing landscape while maintaining their relevance and effectiveness. Online counselling offers convenience, accessibility, and anonymity, attracting individuals who may have been hesitant to seek traditional counselling services. This shift has led to a decrease in the number of clients seeking face-to-face counselling, which poses financial and operational challenges for traditional counselling centers. Moreover, traditional counsellors may need to expand their skills and expertise to include online counselling techniques, as the dynamics and limitations of online platforms differ from in-person sessions. Despite these challenges, there is an opportunity for traditional counselling services to complement online counselling by providing specialized services and a more personalized approach. It is crucial for traditional counselling centers to embrace technology and integrate it into their practices in order to remain competitive in the evolving mental healthcare landscape.


Singapore’s air cargo sector has become a considerable player in the international air cargo market. Its growth and also success can be attributed to its calculated place, first-rate centers, financial investment in infrastructure development, fostering of new modern technologies, commitment to security and security, as well as concentrate on sustainability. The market is positioned for more growth and makeover in the coming years, driven by the enhancing need for air cargo solutions in the Asia-Pacific area and also past.

Among the crucial elements adding to the success of air shipment in Singapore is the federal government’s commitment to buying infrastructure growth. The government has actually invested heavily in the building and construction of brand-new freight terminals, growth of existing centers, and implementation of new technologies to boost cargo dealing with performance and also capacity. This has enabled the country to deal with increasingly bigger quantities of air freight.

air shipment Singapore Airplane parked at an airport

Singapore is a principal in the worldwide air cargo industry. Its strategic area, world-class airport infrastructure, and also efficient logistics systems have made it a perfect center for air cargo in the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore’s air cargo market has gone through considerable development as well as change throughout the years, with its cargo handling capability enhancing swiftly to fulfill the growing need for air cargo solutions.

Singapore’s air cargo sector has likewise welcomed sustainability, applying green methods and also innovations. Freight handlers and also airlines have taken on numerous eco-friendly initiatives such as making use of biofuels, electrical ground assistance equipment, and alternative packaging materials. By reducing its carbon footprint as well as environmental impact, the industry is assisting to create a much more lasting future for the planet.

Singapore’s air cargo sector has actually developed itself as a leader in safety and security as well as security. The country’s customs  laws are amongst the strictest globally, making certain that all freight shipments follow international criteria. The sector has actually additionally implemented sophisticated screening as well as safety procedures to avoid contraband and various other illegal tasks. The safety and security and also protection procedures in place have further improved the industry’s credibility for integrity as well as dependability.

The Changi Airport in Singapore is just one of the busiest freight airports worldwide, handling numerous lots of air cargo yearly. Its cutting edge centers as well as technologies have made it a recommended location for cargo airline companies as well as carriers looking to transport products to and also from Asia. The flight terminal’s superb connection to significant cities globally and also its proximity to key markets in Asia have actually offered it an one-upmanship in the industry.

Singapore’s air cargo sector has additionally accepted modern technology and also technology to improve its effectiveness and reliability. Freight trainers and also airline companies have taken on brand-new innovations such as automated cargo managing systems, real-time tracking, and also predictive analytics to simplify cargo procedures and also reduce transit times. These technologies have actually boosted the market’s total functional efficiency as well as enabled it to better meet the demands of consumers.

Air shipment Singapore serves a wide range of sectors, including shopping, drugs, electronics, and also aerospace. The nation’s reputable air cargo network links over 200 cities around the world, offering companies with access to brand-new markets and also clients. The industry’s growth and success have actually been mainly driven by the nation’s concentrate on sustainability, efficiency, as well as development.


Can you think of how much a lot more you can achieve if getting to high shelves is made easier for your workers? It can be done securely as well, which will certainly likewise assist them to work harder. A very narrow aisle forklift is optimal for a range of various sectors since their lift power is so excellent as well as their capacity to enter tight areas is impressive.

With an instinctive control panel, this VNA truck guarantees to give exceptional efficiency during all applications. It gives the driver an opportunity to know whether there is a malfunction with just a single look, yet they can also examine the battery standing as well as even more at any time. The driver will certainly never have to shut down due to the fact that of a battery loss. This maker actually gets battery power when it brakes or decreases the pole so essentially, the more you use it; the much better it will certainly execute.

They are really inexpensive equipments for all companies, both little as well as huge. A business that does not have a large area or much merchandise can still benefit from having accessibility to a machine that does the hard, heavy-lifting job.

When you have a VNA vehicle in your storage facility, you will locate space that you have actually been overlooking to utilize, previously. Shelves can currently reach the ceiling giving you even more room in that direction, but they can additionally be moved better to one another. You may be able to squeeze your existing shelving systems so close together that you will have the ability to add in another row of ceiling high shelves. These forklifts are compact, so they fit into little spaces and there is an integrated camera that can help workers put vulnerable things on the highest shelves without worry. There is likewise an extremely lasting battery on these devices to guarantee it can function throughout the whole day.

How much will your business gain by having a very narrow aisle truck from https://www.linde-mh.com.sg? Some individuals obtain having more room in chaotic storage rooms, and others acquire the knowledge that the work environment is safe; even when forklifts are zipping around quickly. There are some firms that use it purely for the convenience that it supplies to ensure that operators have the ability to work longer hrs without a break. In every case, this equipment fulfills or surpasses expectations; regardless of how high bench is currently established. Why not provide it a shot for yourself?

A narrow aisle forklift can raise to 1350kg, without you needing to fret. There are different weight-lift alternatives and also functions on these machines. You select only what you require for your stockroom. Some have a typical mast and also others have a triplex pole. There are various lifts and also drives, cabin designs, and also much more for you to select from. In all situations, your employees will have a fatigue complimentary day, thanks to each cabin’s ergonomic layout.

A narrow aisle forklift simply makes it easier to get the job at hand completed swiftly as well as securely. They can be customized to match your needs specifically. Each equipment available as a system control that checks every element of the device as well as makes modifications according to what you are doing at that exact minute. As an example, you can lift and take a trip simultaneously and the equipment will certainly quicken or reduce based on its lots and the lift height then. Your operator can get a box, and start lifting prior to they reach their destination without concern that they are relocating as well quickly for their personal safety and security.

If you are a business that deals with a lot of merchandise in a little area, you are not alone. There are many firms that have to manage security as well as performance in tiny storage facilities that are overcrowded by people, boxes, as well as racks. Fortunately, the remedy to this issue isn’t as complicated as you may think. A portable, straightforward, as well as extremely reputable slim aisle forklift may be just what you need in your small storage facility.


There is a great deal that goes on in a storehouse. There are SKUs to keep up with and lots of points that depend on boosted capability.

For larger areas, you might wish to choose a tow tugger vehicle. They make it feasible for you to transport things in between buildings or from one end to the various other of a very large building with ease. Because individuals will be a lot more productive in the time that they are there, it is valuable for everybody and also can cut your operating costs dramatically. Why would certainly you not wish to make use of that?

The perfect remedy for many storage facilities is a stockroom order picker forklift. It works well in storehouses and storage rooms. Wherever you require it, it can get the job done. Also if you are functioning to get to an area that is limited and also greater than you normally reach get to. It can even get to 5 degrees high. Why not make the most of the capability to function to your complete ability? Your employees will certainly get a great deal a lot more done.


One wonderful point about a tow tugger truck is the amount of stuff that it can lug. If you still need extra, several of them have the capability to hook to various other vehicles. This will certainly make it much easier for you to move all the things that you need to move each day.

One usual characteristic of warehouses is a lack of room. Even very large ones have actually limited room in between the aisles. Exactly how would certainly you obtain a huge maker therein to aid you finish the job? Fortunately, you do not have to figure it out. There are plenty of machine choices that are portable in dimension and also able to drop the tightest of aisles. When there, they can additionally make it very easy for you to relocate the things that you require to relocate. Restricted spaces will certainly never be a problem once again.

A warehouse is accountable for saving mass quantities of things up until they are required at some location. Keeping an eye on the goods takes effort, however it is a much bigger work than merely keeping numbers. When an item or package is needed, storage facility employees should know where it is, go recover it, and send it out as swiftly as possible to make certain that the customer obtains it. This is among the main factors we depend upon a storehouse order picker forklift together with other equipment. It makes it possible to move products promptly and also efficiently.

With order pickers, employees who operate in the warehouse can get to racks that are higher up, securely. It provides the capability to reach a rack that might be 15ft up. They can choose a details package and also feel great that they will never obtain the wrong one. This is suitable when several products may be packed in tight. In the event that workers require to take a number of different packages for a big shipment, they can utilize the tow tugger truck, which will carry many plans at once to another area.

How high do the shelfs in your warehouse reach? A lot of storage facilities have racks that nearly touch 15ft ceilings or greater. This is where the storehouse order picker forklift is most useful.


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